Piezo Surgical Instrumentation

Piezosurgery allows Dr. Boskovic and Dr. Srbinovska to use ultrasound waves to cut bone without damaging soft tissue. Conventional dental surgeons typically use drills and burs to cut, split or bore through bone. The Piezosurgery method limits unnecessary bone and tissue loss. Some of the procedures that benefit from the application of Piezosurgery include:

  • periodontal surgeries
  • implant surgeries
  • sinus surgeries
  • endodontic surgeries

The technique is similar to laser, providing greater accuracy than conventional surgical techniques with the ultrasound waves and thus greatly reducing healing times.

Piezosurgery has many benefits in comparison to conventional surgery methods, including being highly accurate, very safe and extremely versatile. The technique enables the cutting of hard tissues only. Surrounding tissues, including arteries, sinus membranes and nerves, are almost untouched, resulting in very little damage to those tissues. Piezosurgery also results in minimal bleeding and swelling and patients experience little post-operative discomfort or pain.

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